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Transporting Boats Interstate

If you have a boat you want transported interstate within Australia, we recommend you read this information sheet which covers off what you need to do for a smooth transport experience.

What You Need To Do For Interstate Boat Transportation.

  • Someone to attend the condition assessment and sign the paperwork.
  • Someone to receive the jetski or boat at its destination (either you or an agent) and sign the paperwork.
  • A set of jetski or boat keys.
  • Any operational instructions, such as alarm instructions.
  • A list of any existing mechanical issues.
  • Contact details so that we and/or our driver can contact you while your jetski or boat is in transit.

Preparing Your Boat For Interstate Transport.

  • Clean your boat prior to pickup so that an accurate condition assessment can be completed. (Some people like to take photos for their records which we encourage you to do.)
  • Your jetski/boat will need to be on a trailer that has inflated tyres. Please supply a written list of any mechanical issues (as appropriate).
  • Please remove or tuck away any items that could be damaged in transit (such as antennaes, flag poles etc).